Performance Meditation Epsom Salt Soak


BathCalm Performance: a refreshing and motivating blend of Epsom salts, Buddha Wood, Juniper Berry and Ravensara pure essential oils.

Preview the included music and guided meditations below.

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The Performance Meditation Epsom Salt Soak  

Feel revitalised with the BathCalm Performance Meditation Epsom Salt Soak’s motivating blend of Buddha Wood, Juniper Berry and and Ravensara pure essential oils. These were chosen specifically for their refreshing and invigorating qualities, and you’ll feel fab after soaking in them!

Why BathCalm?

Work, family, finances, study, relationships… they all get your time and energy and worry – and you need to make sure you take time out for yourself!

We get that you’re busy. That’s why you only need 20 minutes to take a BathCalm bath Mediation Soak. Immerse yourself in a soothing blend of Epsom salts and pure essential oils to manage your mind and body stress. In addition, a beautiful fusion of music and guided meditation to play while you soak, offers you a gentle, but powerful, holistic bath relaxation experience. It’s Scent for your mind, soak for your body and sound for your spirit. You – and your loved ones – deserve this! ♥

The BathCalm Performance Meditation Soak includes two powerful meditations paired with a relaxing soundtrack from Sondrine to help you destress and reset a tired body and mind. Preview the included music and guided meditations below.

Sondrine – Music Only: Enjoy Sondrine’s gorgeous music composition and let it inspire you to be your best.

Julia – Meditation Guide: Let Julia’s meditation bring you back to how special you already are; that you are enough!

Adam – Meditation Guide: Let Adam’s meditation guide you to visualize who you are, and where you want to be.