Shower Bombs

Discover BathCalm’s Shower Bombs – light as a cloud delights that add fragrance and ambience to your shower!

We’ve all heard of bath bombs, the sensuously indulgent scented and coloured treats to add to your bath to make your me-time even more comforting, relaxing or uplifting. Now experience the same in the shower!

Revitalise your shower routine with BathCalm’s Shower Clouds – your perfect companion for a luxurious shower experience! Unlike traditional bath bombs, these products are specifically crafted for shower use, offering a unique twist to your daily ritual.

Experience the difference with BathCalm’s Shower Bombs: they’re light, cloud-like creations that infuse your shower with exquisite essential oil blends, transforming an ordinary shower into a soothing sanctuary. Each Shower Bomb is carefully handmade, ensuring that every aspect of your shower is enhanced with the highest quality ingredients.

BathCalm’s products are not just about the fragrance; they’re an experience. Designed for the busy working woman, they offer a moment of tranquility and indulgence in the midst of a hectic day. Just like our renowned bath bombs that provide a sensuously indulgent experience, our Shower Bombs bring the same level of comfort, relaxation, and upliftment – but now, tailored for the shower.

Incorporate BathCalm into your daily routine and transform your shower into an immersive, luxurious experience. Perfect for those who cherish their me-time but prefer a quick shower over a bath, our bath products are the epitome of luxury and self-care. Embrace the BathCalm difference today and elevate your shower to new heights of relaxation and indulgence.

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