Friends With Dignity Shower Cloud


BathCalm Shower Clouds…they’re a bath bomb for your shower – and make great little gifts too!

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“Everyone talks about the benefits of bath salts and how relaxing it can be, but I am just not a bath person. I don’t like sitting still for that long, so I never really paid to match attention to the products till Carrie introduced me to her AMAZING new shower clouds!! 😱 These are made for me! My recommendation to anyone who wants everything that “bath people” get but is just not that person, shower clouds, a dark bathroom (or candles) and your fav music or podcasts!” Christie, Logan Village

A BathCalm Friends With Dignity Shower Cloud is a fabulous aromatherapy experience! If you don’t have a bath or have mobility issues, BathCalm’s hand-crafted Shower Clouds are a wonderful alternative. All Shower Clouds include ethically sourced,  natural ingredients and pure essential oils. They won’t stain your tiles or grout either.

Our Shower Clouds are vegan-friendly and water-wise. The home-compostable NatureFlexTM and BioelfinTM packaging locks in those gorgeous blends!

Friends With Dignity Shower Clouds feature Lavender, Clary Sage and European Honey Suckle pure essential oils.

Every essential oil in a BathCalm blend is carefully selected, taking months of trials and testing. It is important that the oils match the essence of the blend, whether it’s uplifting, calming or refreshing for example. Extensive research is then conducted each for each prospective base, mid and top note oil, including its traditional use. These oils are then trialled in multiple combinations, and each one tested for the most pleasing scent.

Use a Friends With Dignity Shower Cloud in the evening to help you feel calm and rested, ready for bed.


Unwrap both outer and inner compostable wrapping. Place at your feet and let the hot water of your shower diffuse the subtle, calming blend of BathCalm Tranquility.