Set of 5 Shower Clouds


BathCalm Shower Clouds…they’re a bath bomb for your shower – and make great little gifts too!

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“I bought a few shower clouds before Christmas & they are absolutely amazing. “ Erin, Jimboomba

A Set of 5 Shower Clouds is a fabulous solution if you can’t choose which Shower Cloud to buy! If you don’t have a bath or have mobility issues, BathCalm Shower Clouds are a wonderful alternative.

Each set of five clouds includes its own 2 pack of:

All Shower Clouds include ethically sourced, natural ingredients and pure essential oils.  They won’t stain your tiles or grout either.

Our Shower Clouds are vegan-friendly and water-wise. The home-compostable BioelfinTM shrink wrap locks in those gorgeous blends!

You can use shower clouds more than once. Simply move the Cloud away from the water to deactivate it and move it back again in your next shower. You can do this several times – depending on how long your showers last! With a Set of 5 Shower Clouds, you can find one to suit every mood!

Like our Bath Meditation Soaks, every essential oil in our BathCalm blends is carefully selected, which takes months of trials and testing. It is important that the oils match the essence of the blend, whether it’s uplifting, calming or refreshing for example. Extensive research is then conducted for each prospective base, mid and top note oil, including its traditional use. These oils are then trialled in multiple combinations, and each one tested for the most pleasing scent.


To use your Set of 5 Shower Clouds, unwrap both outer and inner compostable wrapping.  Place at your feet and let the hot water diffuse the subtle, calming blend of BathCalm’s signature range of pure essential oil blends.  Pick one to suit your mood!