Performance Bath and Shower Experience Gift Box


BathCalm’s Performance Experience Gift Box features a range of products for your bath and shower in our rich, earthy blend with licorice notes. Our vegan-friendly, natural ingredients, include Buddha Wood, Juniper Berry and Ravensara pure essential oils.

BathCalm turns everyday bath time into a rich, day-spa experience with our indulgent Experience Gift Boxes, with fast and reliable delivery across Australia.


Why BathCalm?

Work, family, finances, study, relationships… they all get your time and energy and worry – so are you taking time out for yourself?  

We get that you’re busy, and that’s why you only need 20 minutes to take a BathCalm bath. Immerse yourself in BathCalm’s soothing blend of Epsom salts and pure essential oils to manage your mind and body stress. With the added fusion of beautiful music and guided meditation to play while you soak, BathCalm offers you a gentle, but powerful, holistic bath relaxation experience. It’s Scent for your mind, soak for your body and sound for your spirit – because you deserve this! ♥

Too busy for a bath? Then our fabulous Shower Cloud shower bombs are the way to go! A gift box is the perfect way to enjoy everything!

Performance Bath and Shower Experience Gift Box Inclusions

Our BathCalm Performance Experience Gift Box includes a gorgeous, handcrafted vegan-friendly soap, a relaxing Bath Meditation Soak, a two-pack Shower Cloud, a two-pack Fizzy Feet, Natural Loofah and eco-friendly Glass Jar with Cork Lid. These delights are the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day. Each pack includes a QR code to a free meditation so you can rejuvenate both body and mind.

You also get free standard shipping across Australia!

The Performance Blend

This refreshing blend of Epsom salts, Buddha wood, Juniper Berry, and Ravensara pure essential oils uplift your spirits to leave you feeling alert and motivated. The luxurious botanical blend is perfect for finding focus before an evening of study, practising a new skill, or as a pick-me-up after a day of gardening.