Set of 4 Meditation Epsom Salt Soaks


The BathCalm Set of 4 Meditation Soaks is a great way to add variety to your bath relaxation experience! There are a total of twelve guided meditation tracks in the set, accessed via QR code on the pack, with each one  created to match to each blend.

The Tranquility blend and meditations will help you take a breath, relax and unwind. Performance will refresh and invigorate you, Euphoria, uplift and motivate, and Love help you feel peace and connection to your inner love.

Scan the QR Code on the back of the packaging and access one of three free Meditations. Choose one to suit your mood!

“When on tank water it was with great joy we watched the rain last week and YES bath calm time…..absolutely amazing products…relax relax relax” Karen, Buccan

BathCalm Set of 4 Meditation Epsom Salt Soaks

With a wide range of pure essential oils used to create vastly different blends, a BathCalm Set of 4 Meditation Soaks is the perfect way to discover your favourite blend, for whatever mood you’re in!

Why BathCalm?

Work, family, finances, study, relationships… they all get your time and energy and worry – so make sure you take time out for yourself!

We get that you’re busy, and that’s why you only need 20 minutes to take a BathCalm bath Mediation Soak. Immerse yourself in a soothing blend of Epsom salts and pure essential oils to manage your mind and body stress. Further, a beautiful fusion of music and guided meditation to play while you soak, offers you a gentle, but powerful, holistic bath relaxation experience. It’s Scent for your mind, soak for your body and sound for your spirit. You – and your loved ones – deserve this! ♥


Sondrine – Music Only: The feeling that this beautiful music composition creates will last long after your bath is finished.


Julia – Meditation Guide: Julia’s guided meditation is a perfect pick-me-up while soaking in your beautiful bath.


Adam – Meditation Guide: Let Adam’s guided meditation take you to a place of complete relaxation, pure bliss and joy!


Julia – Meditation Guide: This beautiful meditation will help you calm and reconnect to that blissful feeling of self-love.