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Tranquility Bath and Shower Experience


The BathCalm Tranquility Experience with Soak, hand crafted Soap and Natural Loofah. Scan the QR Code on the back of the pack to choose a free Meditation to help relax and soothe you, with music and meditations composed to match the blend, giving you a next level relaxation experience!

BathCalm Tranquility is a soothing and relaxing blend. All Tranquility products include Australian Sandalwood, Honeysuckle and Petitgrain pure essential oils. The soak also includes Epsom salts.

We hand-craft all of our BathCalm Tranquility products. We also use all natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Additionally, our ingredients are ethically sourced, and our vegan-friendly soaps are luscious and creamy.Our loofahs are organically grown gourds that are harvested, cleaned and dehydrated, ready for you to use!

“BathCalm is a total experience smells divine and really gives users an opportunity to relax.” Kerrie, Eagleby

Out of stock

The Tranquility Bath and Shower Experience Inclusions

The BathCalm Tranquility Bath and Shower Experience products all feature the Tranquility pure essential oil blend, and include:

  • Bath Meditation Soak
    • With Epsom salts – listen to a meditation composed to match the essential oil blend. Simply scan the QR code and listen to music only, male or female guided meditation – whichever suits your mood.
  • Full size Soap
    • Vegan friendly, with a rich, creamy, moisturising lather
  • Shower Clouds
    • 2 Shower Clouds
  • Natural Loofah
    • Organically home-grown in Australia

The Tranquility Blend

Relax and unwind with Tranquility’s blissful blend of Sandalwood, Honeysuckle and Petitgrain pure essential oils. 

The Meditation Epsom Salt Soak includes two powerful meditations paired with a relaxing soundtrack from Sondrine to help you destress and reset a tired body and mind.

The bulk of our Meditation Soaks are made up of Epsom salts. They boast many applications that range from health and beauty to gardening and household chores.

Further, Epsom salts can help to soothe sore muscles and joints, and are a popular choice for athletes. When dissolved in warm water, they release magnesium ions that can help promote muscle relaxation and alleviate tension.

BathCalm turns everyday bath time into a rich experience with our indulgent Experience Packs, with fast, reliable free (standard) shipping across Australia!