Meet the BaTHCalm Team

The BathCalm Team is made up of a talented and eclectic group of individuals whose friendship spans decades!

Carrie Woodman - BathCalm Founder

Caroline Woodman

Founder, Visionary and Kitchen Chemist

Caroline is passionate about fragrance – and playing with it! When she was seven years old, she stripped her father’s 20 rose bushes clean of every petal to crush up into perfume for her friends – and had a wonderful time doing it! Unbelievably, she doesn’t recall getting into any trouble…

Fast forward 40 (ish) years, Caroline was at a turning point in her life. As she usually does when there’s a lot on her plate,  she took a warm bath. As she soaked in the Epsom salts and essential oils she realised that everyone should feel that relaxed in their bath – no matter what was going on outside. In that moment, the BathCalm seed was planted.

Caroline’s vision was to create a range of products using only natural ingredients, and packaged in only biodegradable and recyclable materials. No plastic.

what if we added music?

Caroline wanted something more though… beautiful music to match each blend. Better still, a guided meditation that harmonised with the music and blends. The product needed to be easy to use, so that people who had never tried meditation before were gently guided through the process. It would be a fusion of scent, soak and sound, creating the ultimate bath relaxation experience.

Caroline called on the talents of her three dearest friends to help breathe life into her vision. Firstly, she asked Sondrine, a gifted composer, to write the music. Then she asked Adam and Julia, two talented yoga instructors, to write and voice the guided meditations. Caroline, meanwhile, revisited her passion and experimented with a multitude of pure essential oils to create the perfect blend.

Three beautiful products are now available as the result of Caroline’s vision and her team’s creativity. BathCalm’s Tranquility, Performance, Euphoria and Love blends are each unique in their character and function, all with the purpose of helping you to take a breath… and relax.

Sondrine - BathCalm Composer of all BathCalm meditations



Sondrine Terez is a French-born Australian singer, musician and composer based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Combining electronic sounds and beats with piano and orchestral strings, Sondrine’s songs and instrumentals deliver intensely emotional melodies and chord progressions.

The debut album by Sondrine, The Outsider, is available for download on her website or via Bandcamp or CD Baby.

Sondrine’s second album, ‘Future Sculptor’ and Other Pieces, is now also available. Her sophomore release comprises an instrumental album featuring the complete ‘Music for a Film’ suite (two pieces of which were included on The Outsider) as well as a collection of piano improvisations recorded over a number of years.

Julia - The voice behind all of BathCalm's Female Guided meditations.


Meditation Guide

Julia has had many occupations over the years, but being a mother to her two divine children has been by far and away the most rewarding job she has applied herself to and genuinely feels blessed to be a woman and a mother.

She has always been nourished by the simple pleasures that life brings; family, friends, nature, good food, wine, long walks, cooking, warm baths and great music. Julia enjoys tending the space she inhabits, wherever that may be.

Thankful to afford her simple, beautiful life, Julia keeps gratitude, love and kindness uppermost in her mind.

Julia has practiced yoga and meditation for over 30 years becoming a qualified yoga teacher in 2016 and we are incredibly fortunate to have her on our creative team. We challenge you not to feel relaxed listening to her while you soak in your bath!

Adam - the voice behind all BathCalm male guided meditations.


Meditation Guide

Our team wouldn’t be complete without Adam! He has walked a spiritual path for over 30 years. He met his spiritual teacher in 1991, and began a regular practice of meditation and chanting, both of which infused his life with grace and inspiration.

A man of many talents, Adam is also a trained actor and singer. He performs regularly in musicals and teaches singing and acting. Adam also recently completed his yoga teacher training course and holds yoga classes several times a week.

Adam’s wish for you is that you gain relaxation and wisdom from his BathCalm guided meditations.