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Wouldn’t it be nice to feel great again and bring back that euphoric feeling! If you’re like many of us right now, you’re feeling pretty ordinary, but we’ve done something about it here at BathCalm! Vibrant, uplifting…relaxing; that’s our Euphoria blend and while its aromatic effects might sound contradictory, they really aren’t! I wanted Euphoria to help people feel uplifted and get their spark back when I set about creating this blend. As with all of our BathCalm blends, I chose our Euphoria oils to match the purpose of the blend. It took many trials and tests before we nailed it, but I had the most relaxing time doing it!

Trialling The Blends to Bring Back That Euphoric Feeling!

I started by researching each oil’s traditional use, then trialled their fragrance to evaluate ones with the most pleasing scent. I then blended those oils using the tried and true formula, of combining base, mid and top note oils. Doing this makes for a well-rounded, robust fragrance that lasts the duration of the bath… and then some, and if you want to start creating your own blends, I strongly recommend you try this method. Have a look at the below blending note guide for a quick snapshot:

Blending Notes at a Glance:

  • Top Note: It’s the fragrance you notice first, and it’s usually the first to evaporate too. Top notes tend to be sharp, light and strong, like blood orange, petitgrain and bergamot. 
  • Mid Note: Also known as “heart” notes, these usually form the bulk of the blend, round it out and balance it. Mid note essential oils include chamomile, honeysuckle and geranium. 
  • Base Note: These oils tend to be rich and full bodied – like a good wine! Vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood are all base notes and are slower acting than the other notes. They take a few minutes to show up, but that said, they last the longest and give real depth to the blend.

After a lot of fun with all of our blending trials, the result was an exquisite blend of Patchouli, Geranium and Bergamot. Sounds simple enough, but the formula did take quite some time to perfect! We were so happy with the result though. Our customers seem to agree too, as Euphoria is hands down the most popular blend out of BathCalm’s signature range.

So….the oils. Other than smelling awesome, how did they earn their admission into the Euphoria blend? Below is a list of each oil and its qualities.

Patchouli – Base Note

Pogostemon cablin

Traditional Uses: soothing to the nervous system, depression and stress relief.

The Patchouli plant is a bushy herb and grows to about 75 centimeters (2.5 feet) in height. It bears small, pinkish-white coloured flowers and is native to tropical regions of Asia. These days, it is also cultivated extensively throughout Africa and the Caribbean. Both Patchouli flowers and leaves are steam distilled to extract the Patchouli essential oil.

Patchouli is a member of the mint family and it’s pretty versatile; eaten as a vegetable, used for seasoning food, herbal teas, and, get this, used in a scented toy! Yep, in 1985, Mattel used Patchouli as an ingredient in the Masters of the Universe Stinkor action figure! Love it. Traditionally Patchouli has been used to relieve symptoms of depression and stress as well. As a consequence, it’s the perfect base note oil for BathCalm’s Euphoria blend!

Geranium – Mid Note

Pelargonium graveolens

Traditional Uses: Fluid retention, acne, eczema and other minor skin conditions, relief of PMT, tension and anxiety relief.

Also known as sweet-Scented Geranium, or Rose Geranium, the geranium shrub is native to Africa, growing in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Cape and Northern Provinces of South Africa.

Reaching up to 1.5 m (around 5 feet) in height, the geranium shrub’s flowers can vary from pink to white in colour. It’s not the flower that carries the strong scent though. It’s actually the leaves that are steam distilled to produce that beautiful essential oil you can smell in your BathCalm Euphoria blend.

As Euphoria’s mid-note, geranium comprises the main body of the blend and out of all of the BathCalm blends, Euphoria is the longest lasting blend that lingers quite some time after you’ve finished your bath!!

Bergamot – Top Note

Citrus bergamia

Traditional Uses: Relief of stress, mild anxiety and nervous tension, digestive complaints, fever reduction, treatment of boils, pimples and acne & relief from cold sore symptoms.

We are BIG fans of Bergamot here at BathCalm!

Bergamot is primarily grown on the Ionian Sea’s coastal areas in Italy’s Reggio di Calabria province. (I feel like I’m on holiday just writing that!) The Bergamot orange produces cordial and tea, as well as essential oil. I got my hands on some Bergamot soft drink and cordial at a Mind Body & Spirit Festival and it was DELISH! Several members of the BathCalm team can also attest to its use in Vodka cocktails. But please, don’t attempt to ingest our BathCalm Blends, they’re for soaking in, not drinking!

If you’re feeling tired, uninspired and want your spark back, BathCalm’s Euphoria blend is the perfect solution for a quick pick-me-up while soaking in your warm bath and although it only takes as little as 20 minutes to reset and recharge with Euphoria, the feelings and fragrance of this inspiring blend will last long after your bath is over.

The Meditations

Euphoria is a wonderful feeling, but sadly rare, especially these days. We’ve added music and meditation to BathCalm’s Euphoria blend, created specifically to help uplift you; to take you to that place of relaxation, bliss and joy.

With a choice of three tracks which include Adam’s Julia’s guided meditations, plus Sondrine’s music only, you have the perfect opportunity to find the track that suits your mood the best.

If you’re feeling tired, uninspired and want your spark back, BathCalm’s Euphoria blend is the perfect solution for a quick pick-me-up while soaking in your warm bath and although it only takes as little as 20 minutes to reset and recharge with Euphoria, the feelings and fragrance of this inspiring blend will last long after your bath is over.

One Final Thing…

You probably already know that essential oils are powerful, but we still need to let you know that the Bergamot extract used in our Euphoria blend is “Bergaptene-free”. This means that the Bergaptene chemical component has been removed from the oil. This reduces the risk of photovoltaic sensitivity, i.e. sensitivity to sunlight. This can occur when skin is exposed to the sun.

Please note that despite the removal of Bergaptene, there may still be some risk of photo-sensitivity, so be aware and take care if you’re going out in the sun after you’ve just soaked in Euphoria!

BathCalm Euphoria features all natural ingredients including Epsom salts, Patchouli, Geranium and Bergamot pure essential oils - a perfect combination to bring back that Euphoric feeling!
BathCalm Euphoria Soak

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