BathCalm Swim Soap



BathCalm’s vegan friendly Swim Soap helps alleviate the effects of chlorine on your skin in a safe, and natural way.

Do you suffer the effects of being in chlorinated water for any length of time? We can help with that, with BathCalm Swim Soap!

BathCalm’s Swim Soap came about thanks to the vision of Swimming Instructor, Kelli Smith. When she discovered that BathCalm founder Caroline Woodman was using sodium ascorbate to eliminate the smell of chlorine from her bath water during her blend trials. Kelli recognised the potential of sodium ascorbate in soap to help alleviate the effects of prolonged exposure to chlorine. Subsequent product trials using sodium ascorbate in soap produced fantastic results in a two year period.  We should also mention that we only ever tested our soap on humans and are proud and excited to add BathCalm Swim Soap to our suite of products.

The active ingredient is sodium ascorbate, a type of Vitamin C. It is a simple and extremely effective way to neutralise chlorine in water.  For example, the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service recommends its use in neutralising chlorine in water systems.

Using the cold press process, BathCalm’s Swim Soap is fragrance free, and contains shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. As a result, this creates a rich lathering, nourishing soap that doesn’t dry your skin. It comes individually packaged in a screw-top tin to keep it safe in a damp swim bag.

BathCalm Swim Soap is suitable for the whole family, and has also been well received by people trialling it as a soap for everyday use due to its nourishing ingredients. If you spend any amount of time in chlorinated pools, or suffer from the effects of chlorine, try it today!