The BathCalm Performance Soap


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The BathCalm Performance soap has a distinctive woody-smoky aroma. It also carries subtle undertones of aniseed. The BathCalm Performance blend includes Australian Buddha Wood, Himalayan Juniper Berry and Ravensara pure essential oils. This is a soothing soap and simply another level in refreshing. We guarantee you won’t find another fragrance like it!

Our BathCalm soaps accompany your bath and shower perfectly!

We hand-craft our soaps here at BathCalm. We only use the highest quality natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Our soaps are luscious and creamy and vegan-friendly and we ethically source our ingredients. Also, we seal our soaps in home-compostable NatureFlex to keep those gorgeous fragrances in! Our BathCalm soaps also make a beautiful gift idea too!