You’re Never Too Old to Set Another Goal or Dream a New Dream

I recently posted up a quote from C.S. Lewis about never being “too old to set another goal or dream a new dream”, something I genuinely believe – and practice. I don’t want to be that person who reaches the end of her life and says, ‘I wish I’d done that’.

I’m sure people think I’m either crazy or brave, or perhaps a little of both because of all the weird and wonderful projects and careers I’ve embarked upon (and have done since I was a teenager), but it got me to thinking about unpacking what really happens when you set out to achieve a goal when you’re “middle aged” like me.

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BathCalm: Eureka! A Fusion of Scent, Soak & Sound

The idea for BathCalm came about one night when I was lying in my bathtub, listening to music and feeling totally blissed out despite some pretty challenging circumstances. I had a meditation playing, beautiful aromatherapy from essential oils and then… Eureka!

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