Upgrade your Shower Routine with BathCalm’s Australian Shower Clouds

Our shower bombs – or as we call them – Shower Clouds, provide a heavenly aromatherapy experience for those without a bathtub or who can only access showers due to mobility issues. Our essential oil Shower Cloud collection offers calming, refreshing, and uplifting blends, including our Euphoria, Tranquility, Performance, and Sinus Relief Shower Clouds. These luxury products are available in packs of two or as a set of four. Ingredients include essential oils such as Patchouli, Bergamot, Egyptian Geranium, Eucalyptus, Australian Sandalwood, Juniper Berry, Peppermint, Buddha Wood, European Honeysuckle, Petitgrain, and Menthol.

In an era where self-care tops the priority list, it’s time to upgrade your shower routine to a spa-worthy level. What if we said that you could enjoy a rejuvenating spa in the comfort of your home – with an Australian touch? Immerse yourself in the world of BathCalm’s Australian handcrafted shower bombs – Shower Clouds – and instantly uplift your wellness routine!

BathCalm’s Handcrafted Shower Bombs 

Born in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland, our handcrafted shower bombs stand as the epitome of high-quality Australian wellness products. Each cloud bursts with an intoxicating blend of pure essential oils that creates a wave of relaxation that washes over you. Shower Bombs transform your mundane shower into a ritual that engages your senses – and each ingredient is natural and safe for anyone to use.

Lavender infused shower bombs
BathCalm has partnered with Friends with Dignity to create their own Shower Bombs.

Eco-Sustainable Luxury in Your Hands

At BathCalm, we understand the significance of nature’s bounty and our responsibility to preserve it. Therefore, each of our shower bombs is wrapped in eco-sustainable Biolefin shrink-wrap and Natureflex packaging, thus reflecting our green ethos.

Using sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, many of our shower bomb ingredients embody Australia’s lush biodiversity. This commitment to conscious practices ensures that with each purchase, you’re committing to love the environment just a little bit more.

As a proud Gold Coast-based brand, we believe that luxury can still be sustainable, and as a result, we ensure that this motto shines through with each BathCalm product we create.

Insider Tip: Step into Serenity with Shower Bombs

“Why join the mainstream when you can stand out?” is our motto! Our shower bombs are a unique innovation designed for those who crave a unique upgrade to their shower routine. These bombs add a splash of excitement, that fill your bathroom with an aromatic cloud. Furthermore, they tantalises your senses and rejuvenate your mind.

Ready to upgrade your shower routine? Dip into the luxury of BathCalm’s Shower Bombs and bask in their revitalising aura. Purchase shower clouds now and step closer to a bespoke wellness routine that pampers you.

Woman standing under a shower.
Dip into the luxury of BathCalm’s Shower Bombs Australia and bask in their revitalising aura.

What are you Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? Amp up your routine with BathCalm’s luxurious shower bombs. Our eco-ethical approach combines Australian wellness traditions with contemporary crafting methods. Invoke your senses with a burst of calm and step into an aromatic haven that relaxes, rejuvenates, and replenishes your soul.

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