Love Belongs in Our Lives

Love belongs in our lives. It is the most powerful and wondrous force that courses through the very veins of human existence. It defies definition and transcends the boundaries of language and understanding. Its universal language speaks to our hearts. It has the remarkable ability to kindle the brightest flames of passion, mend the deepest emotional wounds, and weave connections that bind us in a tapestry of shared experiences.

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The Road to Tranquility: A Fragrant, Relaxing Bath


What does the word tranquility mean to you? For me, it’s peace, quiet, calm, water… I wanted to make a Tranquility bath soak blend for a fragrant, relaxing bath experience. A space to take a breath, to relax and unwind. Out of all my blends, it was straight up the most difficult one of all for me to formulate. It took months and months…and months… of research and bath trials. Tough job… but someone’s gotta do it! How many baths a week can someone stand? You don’t want to know. My trials yielded few satisfying results. What I thought looked great in theory didn’t work in practice. For example, I found that oil fragrances rapidly disappeared. Or, they simply got lost among stronger scented oils. It was a long process.

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