Don’t lose your Sh*t: 7 Ways to cope in a Global Pandemic

Don't lose your sh*t...get colouring in and chill out!

It’s stressful right now. There’s a bucket load of uncertainty around the big hitters in life; health, work and income, all impacting us and our families as well. Have things ever been this bloody stressful?? Not in my life they haven’t and I’m no spring chicken. Simple things such as hugging, ducking out to the shops or friends or watching live music in your local pub. All have suddenly taken on significance of gargantuan proportions. At the time of writing, there’s no real end in sight. Not until we either end up with herd immunity or a vaccine – or worse. And just when you think it’s safe to go out again – whoa, here’s another spike… It’s tough coping in a global pandemic, so don’t lose your sh*t. Here’s 7 ways to cope in this global pandemic, and they don’t take a lot of effort. With the exception of #4, little to none, in fact.

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