Our Packaging is Ecologically Responsible

BathCalm’s natural and harm-free values don’t just relate to humans; we make sure our packaging is ecologically responsible too. The BathCalm team cares about our planet, and we never want to create products that end up as landfill. We subsequently sourced sustainable products as an alternative to plastic, to ensure this.

Natureflex bags

To ensure our packaging is ecologically responsible, we use NatureFlexTM bags for our Bath Meditation Soak inner packaging, Shower Cloud, Fizzy Feet and Soap outer packaging. This is a 100% biodegradable plant cellulose based film. It is harvested from sustainable wood plantations and takes around 12 weeks to break down. NatureFlexTM has gained certification for being a household compostable product and is a brilliant alternative to plastic.

biolefin shrink-wrap

    We use BiolefinTM shrink-wrap for our Shower Cloud, Fizzy Feet and Love Bomb inner packaging. BiolefinTM is a 100% biodegradable shrink wrap. After it enters the environment, it bio-degrades into food for bacteria and other microorganisms. It does not decay into micro plastics. We love it!

    Supplementary Products

    • Supplementary products that we sell in our Gift Box sets, include glass jars with cork lids.
    • We use a recyclable tin for our Swim Soap, necessary to keep it dry in a damp environment.
    • Where possible, we keep our ingredients and stock in glass and cardboard boxes.
    • When our ingredients arrive in plastic containers, such as bulk dry ingredients, we repurpose those containers for storage.
    • When we ship our products to customers, we use compostable mailer bags, cardboard boxes and hex-wrap; no plastic!
    • Finally, product ready for sale is stored either on the shelf, or in cardboard boxes.

    At BathCalm, we do everything we can to reduce the amount of plastic used in the creation of our products!