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The Ambrosian Romance Bath Experience


Romantic Bath Soak Gift Set – BathCalm Ambrosian Romance Experience Pack

Ambrosia” is described as the ‘perfume of the gods’ or ‘something extremely pleasing to taste or smell’, and it was the inspiration for our Ambrosian Romance blend.  This unique blend of Buddha Wood, Sandalwood, Honeysuckle and Cardamom pure essential oils, creates a warm, sweet, slightly spicy, woody aroma. If you want to create a romantic setting, THIS is the way to do it!

“Absolutely love BathCalm candles! The scent is divine and they add a touch of beauty to my bath and lounge. Highly recommend! I’ve never come across such beautifully crafted, high quality products!” Rebecca, Edens Landing

Out of stock

Romantic Bath Soak Gift Set

Included in your BathCalm Ambrosian Romance Experience Pack

    • 2 x Ambrosian Romance Bath Love Bombs
    • 1 x BathCha bag filled with Epsom salts, Ambrosian Romance pure essential oils and crushed rose petals
    • 1 x glass jar with cork lid
    • 1 x 400 g Ambrosian Romance Candle
  • 1 x 5″ Natural Loofah

The Ambrosian Romance Experience Pack includes fast and reliable FREE standard shipping Australia-wide.

The BathCalm Ambrosian Romance Candle

The BathCalm Ambrosian Romance Candle features the latest advancements in candle-making. Our candles use long lasting Ecococo wax, an environmentally, vegan friendly alternative to other wax blends. This is a huge leap from historical animal based waxes.

*BathCalm’s Ambrosian Romance candle exudes luxury – and with a burn time of 60+ hours, it’s the gift that truly keeps on giving.

Set in a stylish white jar with marble-look finish, Ambrosian Romance features a fragrant blend of cedar wood, sandalwood, clove and cinnamon layered with rosewood jasmine and lily of the valley, finished with fresh hay malt and vanilla fragrances.

*Gold and white branded candle box not included in the Ambrosian Romance Experience Pack.

BathCalm Love Bombs

Pop one in your bath, let it fizz and let the gorgeous Ambrosian Romance blend fill your bath! Like our Shower Clouds, BathCalm Love Bombs will not stain your bath, tiles or grout.

BathCalm BathCha

It’s a teabag – for your bath! Steep it in your bath water, or simply open it up and let the crushed rose petals float while the Ambrosian Romance blend of Buddha Wood, Sandalwood, Honeysuckle and Cardamom pure essential oils infuse your soak.

Our Loofahs

Our loofahs are derived from an organically grown gourd that have been harvested, cleaned and dehydrated.

About our Ingredients

We use high-quality pure essential oils and vegan-friendly, natural ingredients to create the products that go in your BathCalm – Romantic Bath Soak Gift Set – Ambrosian Romance Experience Pack.

We use a fragrance oil for your Ambrosian Romance Candle for a number of reasons. Essential oils can degrade when exposed to high temperatures, which leaves candles with little to no hot throw (scent when the candle is lit). Also, compensating the loss of essential oil smell by using more of them, can also mean a candle won’t stay lit, as well as being very expensive to make (and buy). Further, some essential oil smells can change dramatically when heated, and it is for these reasons why we’ve chosen fragrance oils for all of our candles.