BathCalm Romance Gift Box


Ambrosia, described as the ‘perfume of the gods’ or ‘something extremely pleasing to taste or smell’ was the inspiration for our Ambrosian Romance blend, and it’s featured in each bath product in your Valentine’s Gift Box! This unique blend contains Buddha Wood, Sandalwood, Honeysuckle and Cardamom pure essential oils that create a warm, sweet, slightly spicy, woody aroma. It’s all about the love baby!

Ambrosian Romance is the perfect blend to share with your Valentine – and if you’re single, create your own romance with this beautiful set of BathCalm products! ♥

Included in your Valentine’s Gift Box are:

  • 3 x Ambrosian Romance Bath Love Bombs
  • 1 x  BathCha bag filled with Epsom salts, Ambrosian Romance pure essential oils and crushed rose petals
  • 1 x glass jar with cork lid
  • 1 x pink sandalwood fragrance candle in its own sweet love heart tin
  • 1 x 5″ Natural Loofah

We use high-quality pure essential oils and vegan-friendly natural ingredients to create your Romance Gift Box. These products have a wonderful aroma and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

BathCalm turns everyday bath time into a rich romantic experience with our indulgent Gift Boxes, with fast and reliable free delivery across Australia.