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Midnight Magic Luxury Candle – 60+ Hour Burn


Everything about BathCalm’s Midnight Magic candle exudes luxury and class.

Set in a stunning indigo blue jar evocative of a cloudy night sky, Midnight Magic’s Bergamot and Patchouli blend brings an exceptional scent to your space.

With its own gorgeous branded white and rose gold box, the Midnight Magic candle makes a beautiful gift that will be well received.

Out of stock

The BathCalm Midnight Magic Luxury Candle – 60+ Hour Burn

The BathCalm Midnight Magic Candle features the latest advancements in candle-making. Our candles use long lasting Ecococo wax, an environmentally, vegan friendly alternative to other wax blends, a huge leap from historical animal based waxes.

A Short History of Candle Making

Candles have a long and fascinating history that date back to ancient Egypt from as early as 3000 BC and used candles from beeswax for religious ceremonies and lighting. Romans also used candles, made from tallow, and used for lighting homes public spaces.  Candles that were made from whale oil were introduced in the 18th century (awful), and the first modern candle was created in the 19th century. These used paraffin wax, and it is still a common ingredient in many candles on the market today.

New Candle Technology

Candle making technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds, and we use Ecococo Wax at BathCalm. Ecococo Wax is a 100% natural blend of predominantly coconut wax. It has improved burn and scent throw thanks to natural performance additives. There is no animal testing in its manufacture and animal products are not used either. Equally important, there are no genetically modified ingredients, soy, palm, or paraffin products in Ecococo Wax. Further, it is also both biodegradable and vegan friendly, and is in line with BathCalm’s harm-free values.

BathCalm candles are practical and aesthetic, and create a warm and cosy atmosphere to your home. The soft glow of a candle instantly transforms a room, and make it feel more comfortable and inviting. Importantly, BathCalm Candles create a relaxing ambiance, and can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

We have included a sturdy white and rose gold branded candle box with your candle too, which adds a gorgeous touch of luxury!

Lastly, BathCalm Candles aren’t just beautiful, they’re longer lasting and cost effective too! They are 400 grams and have a burn time of 60 hours, and we are proud and excited to introduce these luxury candles to our BathCalm range of products.

Purchase a BathCalm Midnight Magic Candle for yourself or a loved one today!