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Tranquility Blend

Tranquility is all about helping you just take a breath, relax and unwind.

However, creating the blend itself proved to be the total opposite of this ethos for BathCalm founder Caroline, it being the most difficult blend of all to formulate. Literal months of research and bath trials (it’s a tough job but hey… someone’s got to do it) yielded few satisfying results. While some blends looked promising on paper, they were anything but when it came to adding them to warm bath water. Some scents dissipated within a matter of seconds, while others were lost amongst stronger scented oils.  

Persistence beats resistance however, and Caroline never gave up; researching and hunting down lesser known oils before finally settling on two old favourites for her base and mid notes, plus another, less expected oil as a top note.

The result is a truly gorgeous blend of woody and floral tones that feature Australian Sandalwood, European Honeysuckle and Petitgrain.

You may only spend just 20 minutes immersed in Tranquility, but the guided meditations, music and beautiful fragrance create a feeling that lasts long after you step out of your bath.

Base Note
Australian Sandalwood

Santalum spicatum

Just how diverse is the Australian Sandalwood tree? 8/10, easily! Grown in the southwest and western regions of Australia, its traditional uses include medicine…

…furniture and even food! Yes, sandalwood nuts are edible apparently, tasting a bit like hazelnut!

Primarily extracted through steam distillation, Sandalwood is used extensively in aromatherapy, and lays claim to be beneficial as an astringent, an antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent, a natural aphrodisiac, an expectorant, aiding mental clarity, and has that gorgeous calming and relaxing aromatic that we know and love. That’s one heck of a list!

Growing up to 20 meters (around 66 feet) in height, the bulk of Sandalwood oil is harvested from what’s known as the ‘heartwood’ – the densest part of the tree’s core.

We at BathCalm are using this amazing oil purely as a base note fragrance you can smell in BathCalm’s Tranquility blend.  Familiar, comforting and long lasting, there really is a lot to love about Australian Sandalwood.

Mid Note
European Honeysuckle

Lonicera periclymenum

The common honeysuckle is a pretty but hardy vine that grows in hedgerows or scrubland throughout Europe, North Africa and The Caucasus – and it smells divine!

Reaching heights of up to 7 meters (around 23 feet) the honeysuckle produces delicate flowers in a variety of bright colours that include white, red, pink and yellow.  The honeysuckle oil is extracted through the steam distillation process and has traditionally been used in aromatherapy for stress relief, eliminating headaches and as a mood booster.   

A common plant that produces such attractive flowers as well as a gorgeous fragrance is truly a gift, and one that we’re happy to share with you. BathCalm incorporates it into the Tranquility blend as the main mid-note fragrance.

Top Note

Citrus aurantium amara

Native to Southeast Asia but grown and cultivated worldwide for hundreds of years, Petitgrain, also known as Petitgrain bigarade, extracted from bitter orange, has been…

…used in aromatherapy for nervous exhaustion, stress related symptoms and insomnia.

Petitgrain’s essential oil was once extracted from the small, unripened fruit of the plant, hence its name, ‘little grain’.  These days however, it’s the leaves and twigs that are steam distilled to produce that beautiful fresh fragranced oil which features those slightly woody, citrusy notes so characteristic of Petitgrain.

Petitgrain is a lovely perfume, and it stars as the top note in BathCalm’s Tranquility blend; the perfect accompaniment to the Sandalwood base note (link) and Honeysuckle (link) mid note. All three make for a great combination that helps you to inhale… exhale… and relax.

Tranquility Meditations

As its name suggests, the BathCalm Tranquility guided meditation is about switching off, letting go and re-connecting with the inner-peace that’s always with you, but all too often buried under the stress of daily living.  

Tranquility composer Sondrine, used a specific beat count per minute in her music, to help you slow down, regulate your breathing, and move you toward your inner-peace. If you’re new to meditation and unsure how you’ll go with it, rest assured both Adam and Julia’s thoughtful and gentle guided meditations will allow you to relax naturally, without feeling frustrated trying to ‘clear your mind’.

With any BathCalm product, you have a choice of Adam or Julia’s guided meditation or Sondrine’s music only. Try all three to find what works best for you and your mood.

Manage the stress of daily living and show yourself some kindness. Take a Tranquility bath and breathe in that beautiful fragrance, take in the guided meditation, and get back to your serene self.

Tranquility Meditation Previews
Sondrine - Music Only

Let Sondrine’s music slow you down, relax you, and move you toward finding your inner peace.

Julia - Meditation Guide

Julia’s thoughtful and gentle guided meditation will allow you to relax easily and naturally.

Adam - Meditation Guide

Let Adam’s soothing guided meditation allow you to easily and naturally slip into relaxation