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The Packaging

BathCalm Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Truly ecologically responsible packaging fires us up here at BathCalm!

Of course the box is recyclable, but the bag that your BathCalm blend is sealed up in is not plastic. It is an amazing product called NatureFlex™, a plant cellulose based film that is 100% biodegradable, and takes about 12 weeks to break down in compost.  NatureFlex™ is harvested from sustainable wood plantations, and is a wonderful environmentally friendly alternative.

Shipping packaging also matters here at BathCalm; it doesn’t just stop with our product.  BathCalm shipping boxes can be reused by turning them inside out, giving you a fresh clean white box to work with. Just use your imagination!

For shipping box infill, we’ve chosen Ranpak’s Geami WrapPak®, a clever combination of craft and tissue paper that’s cut to form a hexagonal pattern, which protects equally as well as bubble wrap, and is of course 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

You and our planet – that’s what we care about here at BathCalm. If our packaging is not busy biodegrading or being recycled, hang on to it for when you need it.