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Performance Blend

Performance was the first blend that BathCalm Founder Caroline created following BathCalm’s inception. She wanted a blend that was both soothing and aromatic – that matched Performance’s refreshing and motivating ethos.

While researching oils and their traditional uses, she discovered an essential oil she’d never heard of, and it piqued her interest… as she instinctively knew that it would be perfect for Performance: Eremophila mitchelli, commonly known as Buddha Wood. The moniker sounded fantastic and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it to have a smell… and she wasn’t disappointed.

With her Buddha Wood base note settled, Caroline spent several more months looking for mid and top note oils that would blend well and do justice to this amazing fragrance. After many trials and possibilities, she finally settled on mid note Juniper Berry and top note Ravensara.

All three oils fitted her Performance brief perfectly, and are a quintessential match for the Performance music and guided meditations. Taking a Performance bath will help leave you feeling refreshed, smelling great and set for success!

Base Note
Buddha Wood
Buddha Wood

Eremophila mitchellii

Not many people have heard of Buddha Wood, but we at BathCalm aim to change that because it’s a ‘WOW’ for us, and we’re confident you’ll love it too in our…

Performance blend!

Also known as ‘False Sandalwood’, ‘Bastard Sandalwood’, ‘Desert Rose’ or ‘Rosewood Balvory’ (amongst others), Buddha Wood is native to Australia, growing throughout regional areas in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. It’s a tough, hardy tree that grows up to 10 meters (around 32 feet) in a variety of soils, and thrives in dry conditions, to the point where it’s actually considered a pest in Western Australia!

Extracted through the steam distillation process, the Buddha Wood essential oil is thick and viscous, and has an earthy, almost smoky fragrance. Traditionally, it has been used for its lovely fragrance that promotes calm and relaxation, as well as a natural antiseptic to heal cuts and grazes.

Buddha Wood really is the ‘wood that could’, and we’ve made it a bit of a personal mission here at BathCalm to sings its praises and get it out there to the world!

Mid Note
Juniper Berry
Juniper Berry

Juniperus communis  

This evergreen is a versatile treasure – and it sure gets around too! According to Wikipedia, the Juniper Berry has “the largest geographical range of any woody plant”…

…growing in areas as diverse as the Arctic south, Europe and Asia, with earlier surviving species also growing in Africa’s Atlas Mountain range.

Food, fuel, wood, shelter, alcohol, cutlery… every bit of the Juniper tree has been used over the years, with some examples including the Scots burning it in Hogmanay cleansing rituals, native Americans using its berries as a female contraceptive, the Nords using both berries and branches for their ales – cheers! – and the French using its wood to create handles for their cutlery – bon appétit!  

Depending on its location, the Juniper can grow up to heights of 8 meters (around 25 feet), or closer to the ground horizontally more like a shrub. Its berries are steam distilled to produce the oil that creates that fresh, woody aroma that you can smell in your BathCalm Performance blend. We think it’s absolutely delicious and blends beautifully with its Performance counterparts Buddha Wood and Ravensara!

Top Note

Ravensara aromatica

Growing in the central and eastern regions of Madagascar and the Comoro Islands, the Ravensara tree has traditionally been used for its antiseptic and antiviral properties…

…similar to Australian Buddha Wood – the base oil of the BathCalm Performance blend.

A broad-leaved evergreen, the Ravensara tree can grow up heights of over 60 meters (around 200 feet) once it reaches maturity.  That is one tall tree!

It should be noted that the fragrance from the essential oil of the Ravensara tree also packs one heck of a punch!  Ravensara has a robust medicinal smell that’s reminiscent of eucalyptus or tea tree oil. Once blended with base note Buddha Wood (link) and mid-note Juniper Berry (link) however, the top note of Ravensara is significantly toned down and it completes the dynamic blend of Performance beautifully.

Performance Meditations

BathCalm gives you two very different meditations with Performance, both carrying thought provoking and powerful messages for you – and about you.

Adam’s meditation will assist you to visualize who and where you want to be, whether it’s your performance at work, in sport, or life in general. Julia’s meditation simply helps bring you back to how special you already are; to help you recognize that nothing you do is wasted… and that you are enough.  

Sondrine’s Performance music is simply superlative. Relaxing and meditative, it weaves itself in beautifully with both Adam and Julia’s meditations.

Listening to any of the three tracks (and we recommend you try all three!) while immersed in a warm bath and deeply breathing in the Performance blend, is a great way to feel both relaxed and inspired about where you are in life – and where you want to be, even if that’s just to feel better about yourself. 

Performance Meditation Previews
Sondrine - Music Only

Enjoy Sondrine’s gorgeous music composition and let it inspire you to be your best.

Julia - Meditation Guide

Let Julia’s meditation bring you back to how special you are; that you are enough!

Adam - Meditation Guide

Let Adam’s meditation guide you to visualize who you are, and where you want to be.