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Euphoria Blend

BathCalm founder Caroline  took months to select all three oils in BathCalm’s Euphoria blend. In the end, Caroline chose oils that had vibrant, uplifting, and relaxing qualities. When Caroline planned to make Euphoria, she firstly conducted extensive research of the traditional use of each potential oil. Secondly, she researched base mid and top note blending and oils she could possibly use. This narrowed down the potential oil selection. She then evaluated each individual fragrance to find which ones had the most pleasing scent. This narrowed the selection down even further. Finally, she blended the oils together, then trialled them in baths, in varying quantities to see how they smelled. It took a lot of baths! The final result is an exquisite blend of Patchouli, Geranium and Bergamot and it packs an exhilarating and fragrant punch! This blend complements the uplifting music and meditations that help guide you to a personal place of bliss too.  Enjoy!

BathCalm Euphoria Blend – Base Note

Pogostemon cablin Patchouli is a bushy herb that grows to about 75 centimetres (2.5 feet) in height. It bears small, pinkish-white coloured flowers and is native to tropical regions of Asia. In addition, it is now… Read more …cultivated extensively throughout Africa and the Caribbean as well. Patchouli is a member of the mint family. Patchouli was traditionally eaten as a vegetable and used for seasoning food and herbal teas. It was even used to scent Mattel’s Masters of the Universe 80’s action figure toy Stinkor. In other words, it’s pretty versatile! Both Patchouli flowers and leaves are steam distilled to extract the Patchouli essential oil. Traditionally it was used to relieve symptoms of depression and stress. We therefore think it’s a perfect base note oil for BathCalm’s Euphoria blend.

Bathcalm euphoria blend – Mid Note

Pelargonium graveolens The Geranium shrub is native to Africa, and grows in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Cape and Northern Provinces of… Read more …South Africa. This shrub can grow up to 1.5 m (around 5 feet) in height and its flowers vary from pink to white in colour. The leaves, not the flowers carry the scent however, and these are steam distilled to extract the oil. In traditional aromatherapy, Geranium was used to treat fluid retention, acne, eczema and other minor skin conditions. In addition, Geranium was also used for relief of PMS and anxiety. It is Euphoria’s mid-note and is the main body of the blend. This oil lasts the longest in the blend and lingers on your skin after you finish your bath. Your house will smell great too!

bathcalm euphoria blend – Top Note

Citrus bergamia We are BIG fans of Bergamot here at BathCalm! The Bergamot orange grows mainly in Italy’s Reggio di Calabria province, Read more and its rind is used to make essential oil, tea. In addition, cordial is made from the bergamot rind as well. For instance, the BathCalm team use the cordial as a delicious cocktail mixer with vodka! We strongly advise you to NOT to ingest BathCalm blends however – you soak in these, not drink them! Bergamot was traditionally used for digestive complaints and to reduce fevers. The Bergamot essential oil is extracted from through the cold-pressed extraction process and its oil has a strong uplifting aroma. Because of this, it is the perfect top note in the Euphoria blend. Please note, the Bergamot extract in your Euphoria blend is bergapten-free. This means that the chemical component bergapten was removed to reduce the risk of sensitivity to sunlight. Even though our Bergamot oil is bergapten-free, there may still be some risk of photosensitivity. Therefore, please take care in the sun after you have a Euphoria bath. Buy Euphoria Now!

Euphoria blend Meditations

Ah Euphoria, it’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it! It’s rare though, even at the best of times. We believe we found a way to help you get closer to feeling it however, with Euphoria’s soaring music and heartfelt meditations. Both music and meditations were created to help uplift you and take you to a place of relaxation, bliss and joy. There are three meditation tracks: Adam’s or Julia’s guided meditations, or Sondrine’s music only, so choose one to suit your mood! To conclude, if you do feel tired, uninspired and want your spark back, Euphoria is the perfect solution to pick you up. Take a 20 minute soak in your Euphoria bath. This will help you to reset, recharge and feel fabulous. In addition, you AND your house will smell great too!
Euphoria Meditation Previews
Sondrine – Music Only
This is a beautiful composition, that was created purely to uplift you. Listen to it on its own or with the guided meditations.
Julia – Meditation Guide
Julia’s guided meditation is a perfect pick-me-up as you soak in your bath.
Adam – Meditation Guide
Adam’s guided meditation will take you to a place of relaxation, bliss and joy! Buy Euphoria Now! Find Out About Tranquility Find Out About Performance