You’re Never Too Old to Set Another Goal or Dream a New Dream

I recently posted up a quote from C.S. Lewis about never being “too old to set another goal or dream a new dream”, something I genuinely believe – and practice. I don’t want to be that person who reaches the end of her life and says, ‘I wish I’d done that’.

I’m sure people think I’m either crazy or brave, or perhaps a little of both because of all the weird and wonderful projects and careers I’ve embarked upon (and have done since I was a teenager), but it got me to thinking about unpacking what really happens when you set out to achieve a goal when you’re “middle aged” like me.

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Don’t lose your Sh*t: 7 Ways to cope in a Global Pandemic

Don't lose your sh*t...get colouring in and chill out!

It’s stressful right now. There’s a bucket load of uncertainty around the big hitters in life; health, work and income, all impacting us and our families as well. Have things ever been this bloody stressful?? Not in my life they haven’t and I’m no spring chicken. Simple things such as hugging, ducking out to the shops or friends or watching live music in your local pub. All have suddenly taken on significance of gargantuan proportions. At the time of writing, there’s no real end in sight. Not until we either end up with herd immunity or a vaccine – or worse. And just when you think it’s safe to go out again – whoa, here’s another spike… It’s tough coping in a global pandemic, so don’t lose your sh*t. Here’s 7 ways to cope in this global pandemic, and they don’t take a lot of effort. With the exception of #4, little to none, in fact.

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Bring Back That Euphoric Feeling!


Wouldn’t it be nice to feel great again and bring back that euphoric feeling! If you’re like many of us right now, you’re feeling pretty ordinary, but we’ve done something about it here at BathCalm! Vibrant, uplifting…relaxing; that’s our Euphoria blend and while its aromatic effects might sound contradictory, they really aren’t! I wanted Euphoria to help people feel uplifted and get their spark back when I set about creating this blend. As with all of our BathCalm blends, I chose our Euphoria oils to match the purpose of the blend. It took many trials and tests before we nailed it, but I had the most relaxing time doing it!

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5 Reasons Why Meditation Is Worth a Try

Benefits of Meditation

I resisted meditation for a long time in my younger years, for a few reasons. I thought I had to aspire to be the ’empty mind’ yogi sitting crossed legged in absolute peace. Have you ever tried to ‘empty your mind’? Good luck with that. I also imagined a self-important new-agey guru-y type person who thought they knew it all, surrounded by admirers, and generally acting like a bit of a wanker, which was also a turn off. In short, I thought meditation was a load of BS designed to suck me in and empty my bank account.

But boy was I wrong! A few years ago I actually had to have a crack at it as part of a yoga lesson I was trialing. It wasn’t anything like I’d imagined and I can honestly say that since then, meditation has changed my life. Here’s my top 5 reasons why meditation is worth a try!

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Stockist Showcase – Heart of the Soul – Tamborine Mountain

Heart of the Soul Tamborine

Tracey, owner of Heart of the Soul was an early stockist of our BathCalm products and what struck me was her genuine excitement and encouragement about the meditations that come with our blends – it was wonderful to see!

Tracey has had a love of spirituality and a genuine desire to help people for over 25 years now. Four years ago, Tracey put that love into the beautiful space that is Heart of the Soul on Gallery Walk. Heart of the Soul is located on Mt. Tamborine.

Tamborine Mountain is situated in the Gold Coast Hinterland and is about a 45 minute drive from Surfers Paradise. It’s a lovely scenic trip and there are heaps of things to do once you’re there. You can take a walk in one of the many rainforest bushwalks to see waterfalls. Walking tracks range from easy to difficult but all of them are beautiful. If you’re lucky you might spot the local wildlife, such as possums or bush turkeys.

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Stockist Showcase – Cedar Cottage Massage and Beauty

bathcalm stockist cedar cottage

BathCalm is so grateful to its stockists and we regularly feature a stockist showcase as a way of thanking them. This week, we feature Cedar Cottage Massage and Beauty. Cedar Cottage Massage & Beauty was founded by Ryan in 2016 when he realised there was more to life than working a desk job. A death in the family made Ryan know Life is way too short and he quit his corporate job of 8 years.  He was off to chase the dream!

Ryan was a passionate amateur massager. He decided to follow his true passion and landed his dream job. Ryan’s passion was truly noted  when he achieved Beauty Student of the Year 2017. He now also holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage and is a Level 3 Ka Huna Body Worker.

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Stockist Showcase – Naturally Into Health, Buderim

natural health

Heading up to Christmas and the New Year, I can’t help but reflect back on our BathCalm journey so far. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our wonderful stockists. They’ve put their trust in our unknown products and up on their shelves. We’ll be running a Stockist Showcase’. This is so you can find out where you can buy BathCalm and more about these wonderful businesses too.

Our first ever stockist was Kerri Abbott, owner of Naturally Into Health, located at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

Kerri used to be a Vet Nurse in her previous career and she saw cats and dogs getting cancers, thyroid problems and arthritis, just like humans. She realized what we were feeding them was contributing to the disease process. Kerri subsequently decided to go back to the books to become a Naturopath Nutritionist. She would help people overcome or prevent illness though diet and lifestyle changes. Naturally Into Health, Buderim was the result of that study.

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Creating Our Guided Meditations: The BathCalm Talent

bath time meditations

I’ve written about why a warm bath is so darned good and why meditation is scientifically proven to be beneficial. With that in mind, I set about creating our own guided meditations, with the help of our BathCalm talent. BathCalm’s blend wouldn’t be half the product they are without the beautiful music and meditations. It’s what sets our product apart from others.

I was fortunate enough to be able to call upon dear friends of mine to realise this aspect of our BathCalm blends. Sondrine, to compose the music, and Adam and Julia, to write and narrate the meditations. They have been friends of mine for over thirty years now. I’ve watched them nurture and expand their talents and skills. Sondrine was writing music even before I met her back in grade 8, and Adam and Julia have both practiced meditation and yoga for over 20 years. Both of them taught me yoga at some point, and they sure know how to make you raise a sweat!

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